We specialize in building quality cruising sails. During the last 22 years, we've built over 50,000 cruising sails for boats from 20 to 60 feet. We're experienced in building sails for all types of cruising boats, from long-distance cruising boats to modern performance cruisers to traditional gaff-rigged yachts. Take advan-tage of our knowledge and expertise, and our unbeatable low prices, to get a top-quality suit of sails for your boat. To learn more about Hong Kong Sailmakers, please click the About button above.
Save money and get a first-rate cruising sail.Why pay higher prices when you can outfit your boat with sails that are top-quality and cost less? Our low labor rates allow us to offer high standards of handcrafted workmanship. Because a sail is only as good as the fabric from which it's made, we specify only the finest cruising fabrics (U.S.-made Challenge Sailcloth, German-made Contender Sailcloth) and top-quality sail hardware. Our computerized sail design software and sail cutting hardware insure accurate sail dimensions and airfoil shapes.
We make it easy to order online and receive your sails. If you've never gotten a quote online from us before, relax. Click the Get A Quote button above and follow our simple instructions for measuring your boat's rig. And don't forget to tell us your special needs and preferences (the average wind strength where you sail, how many reefs you'd like, whether you want leech and foot covers and a foam luff on your furling headsail, etc.). We will make exactly the sail you want.