Many people think hand-finishing and careful attention to detail are things of the past. But not at Hong Kong Sailmakers: We know that it's the details that determine whether your sail fits properly and lasts a long time. We take pride in making sure that our detailing and hardware is first-rate.

All seams on our working sails are triple-stitched. We use bonded-finish, top-quality polyester thread for strength and durability.

We use heavy-duty, poltruded fiberglass battens for long life. Details, such as batten end closures, feature easy adjustment and extra chafe protection.

Radial "fan" patches reinforce the high-load areas of the head, tack, and clew. In addition, we heavily reinforce wear-and-tear areas around the batten pockets, slides, and reef points.

Using only the best quality hardware, such as German-made bronze jib hanks and Swedish-made 3-ton hydraulic pressed rings, results in long-term reliability and an extended service life for your sail.

Our sailmakers specialize in hand-finishing the corners of your sail with leather anti-chafe protection. Headboards are heavy-duty anodized aluminum.