That's not just a slogan. Just as with every other piece of marine hardware, whether it's paint or varnish, anchor line, or electronic components, the performance and longevity of a sail depends on the quality of the materials it's built from. Sail fabric is available in all grades, from the cheap (low-tenacity polyester yarns, low-quality weaving and resin finishing) to the great (high-tenacity yarns, tight weave, quality-controlled resin finishing). We use only the more expensive, high-quality fabrics; in the long run, we consider the investment to be worth it. Because we use the best material, we are confident that, given average use and reasonable care, your new sail from Hong Kong Sailmakers should give you a full 10 years of service.

Because there are so many different kinds and sizes of cruising boats, we carry a range of fabrics, each designed specifically to address the needs of a specific type of sail. Whether your boat has a low-aspect or high-aspect sailplan, or you prefer a crosscut or a radial cut sail, we have a fabric construction and weight that is correct for the job. Here's a few of the fabrics we carry from our two main suppliers:

Performance Cruise/High Modulus/High Aspect
Super Cruise/Low Aspect/Radial Wide
4.8 oz., 7.3 oz., 8.3 oz., 9.3 oz., 10.3 oz. polyester; .75oz. & 1.5 oz. nylon   4.9 oz., 5.9 oz., 6.9 oz., 7.9 oz., 8.9 oz., 9.9 oz., 10.9 oz., 11.9 oz., 13.9 oz. polyester; .75 oz. & 1.5 oz. nylon
  Because we have over 20 years of experience in building cruising sails, we've built up a knowledge base of successful sail designs. A big part of our success has been the ability of our sail designers to marry the right fabric with the right design - even with modern materials and computerized sail design, balancing sail design with sail fabric is still somewhat of an art. That's where our experience counts.